What It Takes

I have been very privileged(or so I’m told) to be where I am today considering where I came from. Everybody loves a success story but most don’t quite understand what It takes to get there. Words like persistence, hard work and determination are thrown about so people draw inspiration from these stories. They might understand the meaning of these words for a week, a month, or even a year but to have these qualities for the most part of a lifetime is alien to most people from my experience.

Of course there are the rare occurrences of success that I would equate to winning the lottery, but most of us have to sacrifice something  for it. The sacrifices we are willing to make sometimes ultimately define who we become. And when we feel that our passion that carried us for so long is diminishing, we replace that with work ethic that we either try to see it through with the belief that It will return, or move on.

This week I listened to people criticize Josep Guardiola- the manager of Barcelona football club, for deciding to quit after 5 succesful seasons. All I could think of is if only they knew the toll that continuous success takes on an individual, if only they could walk a year in his shoes and feel the weight of expectation on his shoulders that builds after each success they might be less inclined to feel that way.

There comes a time when some of us are at some point of what is going to be a hard long battle to success, And we have to ask ourselves: Is this what we really want? Is it worth it in the end? Can I give any more? I would like to believe both myself and Josep were at this place (all be it on totally different scales). His answers were No and mine are Yes. Once one of those answers changes to a No, then I believe it’s time to move on.


 – Luke 12:48  (the bible is not all useless)


3 comments on “What It Takes

  1. This was beautifully written, well done.

  2. Thanks, all your posts I’ve seen are pretty awesome too.
    Yeah I think a lot of people don’t decide If/how much they want it. I wrote this partly out of frustration of people assuming things were easy for me, when I know how close I’ve been to falling off the edge many times.

  3. Awesome post. Love the Bible verse, and I agree. It isn’t all useless.

    You have no idea how much the post resonates with me. Came to Canada, learned English, went back to college, got a great job,got married, bought a house. Then I went depressed and didn’t work for years. I think that deep down inside I understand what it takes to be successful, and I don’t want to do it again. Fear of success?

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